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Amusement park manager, student suggests 8 tips for theme park season

Summer is just around the corner, which means roller coaster season is quickly approaching. For Brandan Howell, a sophomore interior design major, this means going back to work.

Thriving amusement park

Howell has worked at Holiday World, a theme park in Santa Claus, Ind., since he was 14 years old and has been a manager for the past five years. Howell shares his inside knowledge with these theme park tips and tricks:

  1. Make the most out of May

For shorter wait times and smaller crowds, visit theme parks during the month of May. Most high schoolers are still in school, so visit on weekdays. Weather may be temperamental during the early months of summer, so dress accordingly.

  1. Pack lightly

Lockers can rack up a hefty fee at theme parks. To escape the high prices, wear layers. Howell incorporates his bathing suit into his outfit if he plans to ride water rides. If bringing a bag is a must, bring a cheap drawstring bag you wouldn’t mind losing.

  1. Eat beforehand

Food prices can be extremely inflated at amusement parks. Eat a meal before entering the park and after leaving. Try to only eat one meal inside the park or pack a lunch to eat in the parking lot if the park permits re-entering.

  1. Keep up with deals

Many theme parks post deals on their websites or social media accounts. Stay up to date with what is happening in nearby parks. If ticket sales are low for a day, the park may offer last minute deals.

  1. Buy a season pass

If you plan on visiting a theme park multiple times throughout the season, look into buying a season pass. To get the most out of a season pass, purchase it in the winter when prices are cheaper. Season passes usually offer perks too.

  1. Plan a route

Map out which rides and attractions to hit first. Have a plan to avoid continuously walking back and forth.

  1. Make it a trip

When traveling to a theme park far away from home, make a trip out of it. Find cool attractions to visit along the way. Take a couple days and hit up more than one theme park.

  1. Look for cheap lodging

Hotels in and around theme parks can be awfully pricey. Instead, look for local lodging, such as smaller mom-and-pop hotels. To avoid hotels altogether, turn the experience into a camping trip. Find a local campsite and pitch a tent.

3 New Rides Coming to Bay Beach Amusement Park


Three new rides will be coming to the Bay Beach Amusement Park in 2015 and 2016.

The rides were announced at a Green Bay Park Committee Meeting Wednesday night. The committee voted to accept the donation of the rides, which together value more than $1 million.

The city reports that 6.8 million ride tickets were sold at the park last year.

Work will start in the summer of 2015 and the city hopes to have two of the three new rides installed before winter. The third ride is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016.

The first two rides to be complete are called the Tot Spring Jumper and the Rockin’ Tug Boat. The last ride is called the Falling Star.

A second train route is also expected to be completed sometime soon too. The Giant Slide will have to be closed down for an unknown amount of time while the new train route is built.

Big changes could be coming to Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay

City leaders on Green Bay’s Park Committee will discuss some proposed projects for Bay Beach Amusement Park in 2015. On the top of the list is a second train ride utilizing three donated mini-trains and three thousand feet of donated track. Using these donations park officials are planning for a second train ride on a new route that would run near the Zippin Pippin roller coaster. In order to make that happen, one of the most popular attractions, the giant slide, will need to be moved and may be closed, for a time during the summer.

Since, the city’s department of public works doesn’t have an engineer capable of executing the changes, the Friends of Bay Beach donated more than 47 thousand dollars to hire an outside company. The company is already working on the design of the proposed slide relocation, new train ride, and routes. Crews plan to begin work on the changes at Bay Beach in the spring and hope to be finished by July.

The Green Bay City Council is expected to take up plans for major upgrades at Bay Beach Amusement Park tonight.

The Green Bay Parks Committee says their plan would completely transform Bay Beach. It’s a three-phase project with a $20 million price tag.

The big part of the first phase would be the Sea Dragon ride.  It would hold up to 60 riders and swing to a height of 56 feet.  The ride would be completed in the next two years.

The first phase also includes a rental shelter for events and later a Ferris wheel, playground, board walk, ice rink — and possibly more rides.

Friends of Bay Beach Board have already pledged $5 million.

Ticket prices for the rides are not expected to change.

The proposed plan and the purchase of a big new ride were both approved by the Parks Committee last week, and it is expected to go before City Council for final approval tonight.

Action 2 News will have updates as they become available.

Green Bay’s Bay Beach Amusement Park is now open all day, seven days a week. Besides the exciting rides, you’ll also see more police there through the summer.

The sights and sounds of summer at Bay Beach draw thousands to Green Bay’s hidden gem every year.

“It’s awesome for kids and parents and everybody,” parent Tammy Turino said.

“The lines aren’t long and it’s very cheap, so we have a lot of fun here,” park-goer Garth Perry said.

And city leaders and police want to keep Bay Beach a fun, family-friendly destination. It’s why every weekend and holiday you’ll see extra police patrolling the park.

“We want people to see we’re out there a lot. We want them to feel safe, comfortable,” Police Captain Jim Runge said. “It’s not that we’re having problems, because we’re not, but we want to make sure we don’t have problems.”

At least two officers will make their way through the public park at peak times all summer.

Community Police Officer Craig Carlson said, “It kind of works good. You can see the type of crowd you don’t want here, and we’ll go stop like this by them and they just kind of disperse.”

Police say they’re taking a zero tolerance attitude at Bay Beach and all city parks, so they won’t allow fights or any other bad behavior.

“I can’t recall us ejecting anybody from Bay Beach, but other city parks, for misbehavior, people get given what we call a ‘no trespass’ order, and if you’re given a no trespass to a city park, that means all city parks for a year,” including Bay Beach, Runge said.

Police say their presence is not only a crime deterrent but offers a good opportunity to talk to the community.

“Just to get to know them, let them get to know the officers, that they’re not these big scary guys, they’re just regular people they can talk to, and that’s a way to gather intelligence,” Runge said.

And it’s something many are happy to see.

“I’ve always felt pretty safe here,” park-goer Vicki Hermus said, “but it does, yeah, make me feel safer.”

Breathtaking Branson attractions


Opening Spring 2015 comes 10 NEW Family Adventures in All-NEW Fireman’s Landing designed for kids ages 3 to 93! Featuring 6 NEW Rides ® 4 Interactive Play Zones this near 2-acre area will immerse you and your family into the days of bucket brigades and volunteer firemen with a range of activities where everyone can play together!

Silver Dollar City is home to more than 40 fun-filled rides that offer something exciting for each member of the family, from speeding steel coasters to wild water rides. Test your grit aboard great thrill rides such as Outlaw Run® - the World’s Most Daring Wood Coaster – Voted Best New Ride of 2013 worldwide! WildFire®, PowderKeg® and The GIANT Barn Swing will also excite the daredevils in your family! Plenty more pulse-quickening Branson attractions can be found within the park.

Silver Dollar City offers some of the most fun Branson kids’ activities. Younger members of the family will delight in exploring the fun at the Grand Exposition including kid-friendly thrill rides such as the Grand Exposition Coaster, Magnificent Wave Carousel, Elephant March and so much more! And who could resist taking a tour ofMarvel Cave or riding the rails of the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train?

If you want to spend more time riding and less time waiting in line, purchase a Trailblazer Pass and get right to the front of the line on all your favorite rides! Visitors should also download our Silver Dollar City Mobile App to get estimated ride times for each ride.

American Plunge

Negative-G Visits The Defunct Joyland Park In Wichita, KansasFrom classic coasters and thrilling attractions to the best Branson kids’ activities and rides, Silver Dollar City is your family’s favorite place to play!

Nothing’s better than a float trip through the Ozarks wilderness on a hot summer day. But don’t get too relaxed, there are falls dead ahead!

Climb more than five stories into the sky and splash down at speeds reaching 35 miles per hour! You’ll create an outrageous splash that will drench you, and everyone nearby. This traditional log flume ride offers a thrilling way to get a refreshing all-American soaking!

Elephant March

Have you ever seen a flying elephant? Well, get ready for your first ride on the back of one of these regal parading pachyderms, direct from the jungles of Siam. March your elephant round and round. You’re in control of how high you go, soar skyward or stay near the ground!

Weather:  This ride will not be in operation with temperatures 35 degrees or less.

Electro Spin

Reaching dizzying speeds, this mechanical sensation spins round and round, launching you 50 feet toward the sky before careening up another 50 feet in the opposite direction. You and your fellow riders will sit along the edge of the disk shaped platform, facing outward, as it rotates past treetops and into the sky! It’s a grand marvel of technological wonder like no other!

Weather:  This ride will not be in operation with temperatures 35 degrees or less.

Grand Exposition Coaster

Thrilling young and old alike, this electromechanical rail coaster dips, turns and flies 20 feet in the air along the 20-foot track at speeds up to 20mph. You’ll want to ride again and again for the chance to squeal with delight. It’s a great opportunity to introduce children to the rush of excitement that your first real coaster ride brings!

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 42 degrees or less.

Happy Frogs

SDC Rides GEFrogsCU 670Get ready for a rousing game of leapfrog with your friends! Jumping leaps and bounds above the ground, your children will giggle with delight aboard these amphibian acrobats. It’s a crowd favorite in the Insectarium that keeps kids hoppin’!

Weather: This ride will not be in operation in temperatures 35 degrees or less.


Magnificent Wave Carousel

Enjoy an enchanting and beautiful ride on giant swings that provide a bird’s-eye view of the Exposition Grounds. This high-flying journey will send you and your loved ones swinging up and out on a 40-foot flight above the treetops for one of the most breathtaking rides on park.

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 35 degrees or less.

Royal Tea Party

This dizzyfying rides really hits the spot! Twelve spinning tea cups represent tea companies from around the world in countries such as England, India, China and Ceylon! With 5 friends per cup, you can control have fast you spin. Twirl your way to an afternoon tickled with laughter!

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 35 degrees or less.

7082122373_1800125c57_bWings of Wonder

Ever wonder what it would be like to soar through the summer sky like a beautiful butterfly? Well, here’s your little one’s chance to take flight on one of nature’s most lovely insects. Watch with joy as they glide gracefully into the wild blue and beyond.

Weather: This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 35 degrees or less.



Octotron Is New Thrill Ride At Belmont Park

img_0162_3Slow ride, take it easy. Not.

After a delay of several weeks due to bad weather and smoothing out kinks, the much-awaited Octotron thrill ride made its debut at Belmont Park.

This was a big deal among the amusement park sect, because the Octotron, created by acclaimed ride manufacturer Chance Morgan, is one of two in the country and the only one on the West Coast. The other Octotron, known as a Unicoaster, is installed at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Chance Morgan makes other rides such as “Yo-Yo” and “Wipeout.”

But Octotron is apparently the star. As one observer said of the ride, “the nauseous need not apply.”

Riders sit side by side in roller-coaster style seats on a track. As the car circulates, riders can control the movement of their car, forward or backward, as well as the speed of the spin. Combined with the effect of being on a regular rollercoaster, it becomes a double spin sensation.

maxresdefaultBy the way, the more faint at heart can simply not spin at all. Riders have also been known to be face down during the whole experience, which lasts about 90 seconds. Each ride is $5.

It’s enough to make those who are more comfortable on terra firma heavily squeamish, but Octotron has been a smash with Belmont Park customers. Colleen Quinones, assistant general manager of San Diego Coaster Company, which operates the park’s rides, said that 700-800 take a spin on Octotron per day. The park is only open on weekends until March, when it will be a seven-day thing.

“People like it a lot,” Quinones said. “There’s a line all the time any time it’s open. People were calling and asking about it. It’s definitely becoming a draw.”

Quinones said riders have been known to make multiple trips on the Octotron, assuming different positions.”You can ride face up or face down,” Quinones said. “People want to keep going and going. It’s fun, even if you don’t flip around. The speed of it is cool. It’s a challenge for everybody, but anybody can ride it.”

Belmont_Park_561519_i0Anybody with a strong constitution and not much fear in their system, that is.

“It doesn’t look like you’re going terribly fast,” said San Diego Coaster Company operation supervisor Rachel Crain. “But once you get on it…”

Russ Erickson is brave enough to handle the Octotron. He’s part of the maintenance crew that keeps the ride running, and when he’s not doing his job, there’s a good chance you might find him spinning around on the Octotron.

“I love it; it’s a great ride,” said Erickson, who said the cars can spin at speeds of up to 28 rpm. “You control it yourself; the trend with rides is to make them unique. (Octotron) doesn’t make you sick like a normal ride.”

That’s comforting.

Erickson isn’t alone among Belmont Park employees. Quinones and Crain, neither of whom comes across as the daredevil type, have been known to indulge in Octotron. In fact, if you work at the park, it’s pretty much of a given that you’re an Octotron fan.

“All the employees ride it on their break,” Quinones said. “They love it.”

And so do visitors to Belmont Park. Octotron has given them a different kind of spin cycle.

11 new rides for thrill seekers

Gas at $4 per gallon. Airplanes ripping open mid-flight. Donald Trump for president.

Let’s face it, this summer is looking scary enough without this or that thrill ride raising the bar on near-death experiences. Instead, theme and amusement parks are rolling out new (and newly renovated attractions) that emphasis unique elements and psychological thrills over sheer speed and stupefying G-forces.

“Parks have wised up,” said Robert Niles, editor of “They’re not trying to appeal to record-setting coaster connoisseurs; they’re just trying to build something fun that a lot of people will want to ride.” For those who prefer to enjoy their adrenaline rushes while staying conscious, the following rides are worth a spin.

Cheetah Hunt, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Opening on May 27, Busch Gardens’ newest coaster celebrates the world’s fastest animal with speeds of up to 60 mph, three pounce-like launches and a route that flies over a simulated Serengeti complete with hills, ravines and waterfalls. It debuts alongside Cheetah Run, a glass-paneled enclosure where the real deal will run sprints several times a day. The combination “takes the thrill away from ‘Let’s see how many times we can go upside down’ to ‘Let’s see how many different elements we can add to a ride,’” said Erik Yates, editor of

Octotron, Belmont Park

110526095852_cheetah hunt busch gardens roller coasterAs the newest addition to San Diego’s beachfront amusement park, this ride never leaves the ground yet still manages to provide a good gut-churning experience. Like the mutant love child of a Tilt-A-Whirl and a tea-cup ride, it features individual cars that circle around a ground-hugging undulating track. However, instead of spinning in flat circles, each two-person car spins forward and backwards with riders controlling just how much head-over-heels (or heels-over-head) motion they can stand. “We must’ve spun upside down like 50 times,” said Robb Alvey, owner/creator of “I’ve never felt so sick in my life.”

Untamed, Canobie Lake Park

No one’s likely to confuse Salem, N.H., with Orlando, Fla., or Anaheim, Calif., but this amusement park just north of Boston is clearly on the hunt for thrill-seekers with Untamed, its new grizzly-themed steel coaster. As just the fourth Euro-Fighter coaster in the country, it features that design’s vertical lift hill and a beyond-vertical first drop at a dizzying 97 degrees. After that, riders are whipped through a wilderness-themed layout, although it will likely be a big green blur given ride elements that include a vertical loop, zero-G roll and a vertical U-turn maneuver known as an Immelmann. The ride is set to open in early June.

Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas

How does a 21-year-old wooden coaster make the grade as a Class of 2011 screamer? By undergoing a $10 million refurbishment that combines its existing wood structure with an all-new steel track. Considered a hybrid, it combines the wild ride of wood with the speed (65 mph), steep drops (up to 79 degrees) and intense banked turns (95 degrees) of steel. “The original was really powerful, but it was also rough as hell,” said Alvey. “You needed a chiropractor on the exit ramp.” By contrast, the new version “takes everything you think you know about wood coasters and flips it upside down. It’s completely bizarre.”

Green Lantern: First Flight, Six Flags Magic Mountain

SONY DSCIt shares its name with another new ride in New Jersey and a big-screen summer movie starring Ryan Reynolds, but this coaster promises to be the most exciting of the bunch. As a four-dimensional coaster, it combines a vertically oriented zigzag track with suspended eight-person trains that rock back and forth and flip 360 degrees. The result is a two-minute ride along 825 feet of track, which means it’s more about the spins than the speeds. “It’s not just taller, faster or barfier,” said Niles. “It’s a completely unique experience.” The ride is set to open in mid-June.

Superman: Escape from Krypton, Six Flags Magic Mountain

How do you refresh a 14-year-old coaster? If it’s Superman, which launched riders straight up an L-shaped, 415-foot-high track, it’s simple: Re-engineer the front-facing cars so riders now go up facing backwards. It’s as fast as ever — riders rocket from zero to 100 mph in seven seconds and experience 6.5 seconds of weightlessness — but now you actually see the ground as it recedes and rushes back at you. It’s especially intense when two cars are launched on the side-by-side tracks. “It’s always fun to look over and see someone else freaking out just as much as you are,” said Yates.

Dare Devil Dive, Six Flags over Georgia

The key word is “dive.” After climbing 100 feet up a vertical tower, this Euro-Fighter-style coaster pauses for a moment…and then plunges back down at a beyond-vertical pitch of 95 degrees. Hitting a top speed of 52 mph, it then twists and turns its way through three inversions and over a zero-gravity hill before depositing its dazed riders back at the station. “It’s a complete rush of confusion,” said Yates. “Am I going up? Am I going down? Am I going to die?” (Opening May 28.)

Gotham City Gauntlet, Six Flags New England

texas_giant-205.standalone.prod_affiliate.117Old coasters don’t die; they just get moved and/or rethemed. That’s the story behind the Gauntlet, which previously operated as Road Runner Express from 2000 to 2009 at the now-closed Kentucky Kingdom theme park. Topping out at 49 feet, the ride lives up to its scary subtitle — Escape from Arkham Asylum — by putting riders through 17 hairpin turns in around 90 seconds. “It’s more psychological than physical,” said Alvey. “You’re thinking, ‘’Oh my god, is this car going to stay on the track?’”

Soarin’ Eagle and Steeplechase, Scream Zone

The transformation of Coney Island from freak-show funhouse to family-friendly destination continues with the debut of Scream Zone, which features not one but two new coasters. Originally built for Denver’s Elitch Gardens, Soarin’ Eagle is a flying coaster in which riders ride prone and parallel to the track. (Think Superman or, well, a soaring eagle.) “It’s not going to make anyone rearrange their Top 10 coaster list,” said Alvey, “but it’s going to be a good, solid ride.”

If Soarin’ Eagle provides a glimpse of Coney Island’s future, Steeplechase offers a nod to its past. It takes its name from Steeplechase Park, which opened on the beach in 1897, and from that park’s popular Steeplechase course in which riders raced separately controlled wooden horses around a steel track. On the new version, riders still straddle their saddles, but the trusty steeds are connected in two-across, 12-person trains. In other words, the only way to win the “race” is to be first in line.


Remember wave swingers, the old kiddie rides in which people sat in swings and got spun around a central pole or tower? Well these rides are like that, only on steroids. At least six parks are opening such rides this summer, with Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott’s Berry Farm and Canada’s Wonderland all offering 301-foot versions that spin riders in two-person swings that hit speeds of 30 m.p.h. and flare out at up to 45 degrees. “Being that high up is pretty alluring to me,” said Niles. “but I can see where it’d scare the living daylights out of a lot of other people.”

Easter Games for a Children’s Easter Party


If you’re planning to hold an Easter party for children, it’s important to have a few games to keep them entertained along with the usual Easter goodies like chocolate and sugar treats. There are a number of Easter-themed games you could include in your Easter children’s party and this article has rounded up some really fun ones that are likely to be a big hit.

Plan the Easter party and add the games once you’ve got a good idea of the overall structure of the party. The games for a party are usually one of the last things to decide upon after you’ve worked out the time allotment, the catering, and the guests, etc. For an Easter party for children, it’s a good idea to mix up games with an Easter egg hunt, some food at a sit-down area, and a bit of rest time as well.

  • If you can get hold of a good performer who is willing to dress up as Easter bunny, you can also get this person to perform a few tricks or some face-painting to stretch out the party activities, or to take care of those kids who don’t want to participate in the games.

Read through the games in the following sections before selecting them.When choosing a game, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Is this game going to be age suitable for the children attending?
  • Is this game going to fit in with the time available?
  • Is this game going to give all the participants a chance to be a part of it?
  • Is this game going to fit in with the party theme overall?

Assemble the items needed. All you need is a glass jar or basket, a handful or more of small or varying sizes of chocolate eggs or dyed hard boiled eggs, paper pieces, a pencil and an Easter Basket.

Hand out a piece of paper and a pencil to each of the participants.

Ask them to write down their name and their guess as to how manychocolates the jar holds.

Declare the winner. The one who comes closest or gives the exact count wins the jar!

This game is really funny and your guests will have a great time playing out the guesswork for a good part of the party. This is geared towards slightly older children, say around ages 7 plus.

Assemble the things needed. All you need are some good, small stuffed toys. If possible, it would be good if you can get some related to the Easter tradition, such as rabbits and chicks, etc.

As the guests arrive at the door, pin a stuffed small animal on their backwithout the guest seeing the animal. Be sure to use safety pins and make sure it is on securely. Ask the child to stand very still while this is happening!

Through the course of the party, guests have to ask each other questions about the identity of their animal. They must be yes-or-no questions.

  • For example, they can ask “Do I eat carrots?” “Do I say quack?” etc.

Nearing the end of the party, ask each child what they think they are. Those who guess it right get a prize, perhaps even the animal that is attached to them. Allow children to keep guessing until they get it right (you may need to end the game earlier for those who guess early and don’t want the toy dangling off their back).

This game requires a fair amount of space, and can get a little hectic but it’s a whole lot fun! (Just have some fun band-aids on hand, in case!)

Arrange a few chairs in a circle. Have one less chair than you have guests. Have each guest sit in a chair except for one. Once everyone is settled you can begin the game!

Fun-Easter-Games-for-KidsStart by saying something like “I am grateful for those with brown eyes.” Everybody then stands up and runs for a different chair. It cannot be a chair directly beside theirs. Once everyone is settled, the person left standing continues with another comment such as “I am grateful for those who have a dog.” If you want to relate it to Easter, tell the children to say what they are grateful for about Easter, such as “I am grateful for Easter eggs”, or “I am grateful that Jesus has risen”, etc.

Continue until everyone’s had enough. This goes on until everyone is tired of a game but be warned – it’s addicting, so it may last for a while!

  • Note that this can be played competitively: while everyone is running for a chair, remove one chair. The one left without a seat is out, and the last one to remain wins a prize. This can be slightly injury-prone, since someone will no doubt be running for the chair you’re removing!
  • No Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt game. Your guests will enjoy the thrill of searching for eggs and the gratification of finding them in a classic Easter egg hunt.
  • Place candy, Easter eggs, or other treats inside plastic eggs.
    • For garden or yard hunts, if your garden or yard is not wet, slushy, muddy, or snowy, then you can forgo the plastic cover and put the treats out as they are, in their own packaging.
    • Hide the candy or Easter eggs around your yard, garden or house. Make sure you know how many you hid, and ensure that you have enough for each guest.

Send your guests out to hunt for the eggs. Set a limit for how many they can have each, so that nobody is left out. Once you’re sure all of the eggs or other treats have been collected, allow the kids to play with or eat their prizes!

If you are lucky enough to have a yard and nice weather, why not take your guests outdoors?

Assemble the items you’ll need. You will need one egg (raw or hard boiled but hard boiled is best) and one spoon for each person participating in the race. You might even like to use dyed Easter eggs as something special for Easter.

Line the contestants up next to each other on a starting line. It’s best to have this race on grass or some other soft surface, to give dropped eggs a chance!

Have your finish line visible and clear. It’s no fun dropping your egg, thinking you’ve won, only to realize that the finish line is in fact several inches or centimeters away.

Give your signal for the race to start. Everyone then begins to race towards the finish line. The contestants have to keep their egg balanced in their spoon, without using their other hand for support. If the egg drops, but is not broken, the contestant can pick up the egg and resume the race.

Declare the winner. The first contestant to make it to the finish line wins. Have second and third prizes, too.

This is a variation of the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, only here you pin the egg on the Easter bunny.


  • You could also carve out an Easter bunny and give the kids carrots to toss into the bunny’s mouth. Give them 3 or 4 carrots and see if they can make them all through the hole “the bunny’s mouth”.
  • Have lesser prizes for everyone else for each game. It stinks to be the only one who hasn’t won, and everyone around you is eating candy while you have none!
  • For the Bunny’s egg game, you could use Velcro dots if using cloth that will allow Velcro to stick on.
  • Rabbit’s ears on headbands make good prizes; the more you hand out, the merrier.
  • When sending out invitations, encourage the children to wear Easter themed costumes to add to the fun of the party.


  • Children invited may be allergic to eggs and milk products. Make sure you get the allergy list from their parents to avoid emergencies.
  • Children and sugar are a volatile mix. Ask parents to keep an eye on their children’s consumption or to ask children to “take it easy”. Have a lot of healthy nibbles around too, like carrot sticks, celery pieces, some dip, etc.



A Year Of Transformation

rougarou-corkscrew-1This summer, Cedar Point, The Roller Coaster Capital of the World!®, introduces a new roller coaster experience, a refreshed hotel and a new group event facility!

Inside the park, we unleash Rougarou™ – an entirely new riding experience for fans and guests. A beast of a coaster, Rougarou gives you yet another unique feeling when riding at the park, as your legs will dangle just inches above the ride’s orange steel track.

Just steps away, a refreshed Hotel Breakers reopens with a new main entry, fun & fresh guest room decor, a water play area and so much more. Plus, a full-service Starbucks and the Surf Lounge bar will be introduced inside the famous rotunda.

Groups looking for a unique setting for their event or meal will enjoy the Lakeside Pavilion. Located at the former Coral Courtyard, Lakeside Pavilion features covered meeting space and a view that just can’t be beat.

Learn more about our exciting projects, debuting this summer:


NEW THIS SUMMER! Introducing Rougarou, the first floorless coaster at Cedar Point. Straight from the depths of the swamp, the mythical legend comes to life hurling riders at speeds of more than 60 mph. Legs dangling, feet skimming, Rougarou dives down 137 feet, heaving riders through high-speed twists and four howl-inducing inversions. Some legends are passed down. This is one you just can’t pass up.


More Fun In Store For 2015

Cedar-Point-Wicked-Twister-Concept-ArtJust announced, Cedar Point is making even more enhancements inside the park to make your visit even better.It starts with the Wicked Twister Midway. We’re relocating a few of your family favorites to this area of the park. First, the Dodgem bumper cars will be ready for your crazy driving antics in their new location right next to maXair. Also, Calypso will dance across the midway and set up right next to Giant Wheel. In addition, as a nod to park history, we’re renaming it Tiki Twirl. The Tiki Twirl was a similar ride at Cedar Point up until the mid-80’s.

We’re also relocating the Krazy Kars kiddy bumper cars to Planet Snoopy. They’ll also get a new name – Joe Cool’s Dodgem School. The little ones will now have another fun favorite in the Planet Snoopy children’s area.
Looking for a tasty treat? We’ve also announced the new Sweet Spot candy shop, now being installed on the Main Midway! Delicious caramel apples, fudge, hand-made chocolates and other sweet treats will fill this new store, located between the Pagoda Gift Shop and Snoopy Boutique. Plus, you can watch as savory candies are made right through the giant glass windows facing the Main Midway!


The Perfect Setting For Your Group Event


13Groups visiting Cedar Point in 2015 will have the option to have their meal or event in the new Lakeside Pavilion!

Nestled along the boardwalk with panoramic views of Lake Erie, the Lakeside Pavilion will feature covered meeting space for groups of 50 or more. In addition, entry into the Lakeside Pavilion will be easy and convenient with its new entrance located near Planet Snoopy and WindSeeker.

School groups, large groups, clubs, family reunions and more are all welcome to take advantage of discounts on park admission, meal deals and more. All you need is a group of 15 or more and you’ll save.

To reserve your event at the Lakeside Pavilion, call 1.800.448.2428, option 1, and speak with a Group Sales representative. Or click here to learn more about our 2015 Group Sales programs!

Have Fun on a New Ride


Did a fun-fair just drop off in your local park today? Or did you hit lucky on your holiday? Whatever the date or the time of the fair, there is so much fun to be had! New rides can be a blast! Sometimes they can be scary or frighting at first looks. This article calms your fears and helps you get through it.

Firstly, look at your challenge. Is it big or small? Will it make you sick as a parrot? Some good rides for all ages are: Crazy frog/hopper, Twister , Miami fever etc. Each of them are similar in ways but have differences.

  • If you get motion sickness or have a funny stomach you may want to steer away from big rides at the moment. Try smaller ones if in doubt. If you are fine with spinning,bopping about and a little screaming you will not be sick and be fine!
  • Rides like the crazy frog are great for starters. It may look fast but it is not too scary at all! You may see 4 year old’s go on it, and that’s how fun it is!

Now, choose the best ride for you. If you are 9 or 10 some of them may be quite scary, so choose a fun one like the crazy frog or twister. 11 & 12 year olds are old enough for most rides. Remember your limits though, and do not risk getting squished or hurt on large rides.

Find out about the new rides  that you see. and watch them in motion. Does it look too fast? Or is it just boring? If you are sure you will be fine, take a chance!

  • Ask your mum or dad about the ride. Ask them questions about it. They will probably of been on it and tell you all about it. Did they like it? If so, you probably will be okay too. Remember to talk about if it will make you dizzy or sick, and any dangers of the ride.

On the day, be very calm and dress lovely! Do not eat 1 hour before.

Go on with someone! Go on with your parents or maybe your siblings. Have someone there to comfort you and help you on to the ride.

  • Make sure they have experience and aren’t gonna throw up! Give them a hug and just get on. It will be okay.
  • Do be careful getting on, or you may hurt yourself. If you do not like it when you sit down, ask to get off.

Chat to them, and wait patiently. Talk about the ride or take your mind off it. Get comfortable.

  • Do not fret over it! It will make you panic and sweat.
  • If you are too scared, ask to get off. Everyone has there own pace.

Once it begins, smile and laugh! Have fun!


  • If you do not like it at first, watch your sibling go on!
  • Keep very calm during the ride!
  • Look at bigger rides when you are getting on, and smile that you’re not getting on them!
  • Go on with your mum or dad, it makes it much easier


Maintenance Costs in Ways You Don’t Even Realize

Why is maintenance scheduling software so cost effective?

Simple; because it does so much more than just schedule. Quality maintenance scheduling software generates detailed work orders that are fully integrated with the:

Maintenance Scheduling Software

  • staff carrying them out
  • supplies needed
  • specifications of the equipment
  • reporting

All of this is stored securely in the Cloud, accessible in real time to all participants. And software never forgets.

Here are three ways to avoid hassle and save money with maintenance scheduling software:

1 – Preventative Maintenance (PM), cuts costly downtime and repairs.

Whether you run a rollercoaster or a kindergarten, you know how expensive downtime is. Many amusement parks use our custom CMMS software to keep themselves up and running, but far too many organizations feel they “can’t afford PM”, or they just don’t get around to it.

Having your daycare’s furnace give up the ghost in the middle of winter and having to phone 150 parents to come and pick up their children is called “learning the hard way”. The easy way is to use maintenance scheduling software to predict your PM costs in advance, set an accurate budget number, and actually get around to your preventative maintenance.

2 – Coordinate your staff, equipment and supplies with integrated work orders.

Traditional paper and verbal maintenance scheduling just doesn’t have the size and computing power to integrate all the important players in maintenance. High quality maintenance scheduling software is fully integrated with work orders, inventory, maintenance records, and reports.

Now we aren’t just getting the technician to the job site on time, we’re providing them with real time access to all the spare parts they might need, the entire service history of the equipment, manuals, and any special information that the maintenance technicians might have learned by trial and error in the past.

3 – Create a feedback resource from each work order and save all that crucial information!

As any maintenance worker knows, “the devil is in the details”. Over its lifetime, equipment picks up knocks and bumps, undergoes repairs, and absorbs after-market replacement parts. When older equipment goes on the blink during a holiday, local staff will say, “Call Harry, he’s the only one who can get that thing to work properly.”

Should maintenance be needed when “Harry” is on vacation, you’re now covered because your maintenance scheduling software is integrated with the work orders and equipment information. Not to mention, Harry will have actually taken a picture of the unusual situation, and added a caption to explain the solution. That vital information gets saved, and sometimes, so does Christmas!

One smart system, 3 ways to save money.

The integration of staff, supplies, equipment, and time is the secret of saving money with maintenance scheduling software. Add in the key factors of preserving crucial information, and enabling preventative maintenance, and you are saving big.

But make sure your software is quick and easy to set up, runs lightning fast, and fits on any device. If it can run on any platform, you will not only have it in your pocket with you wherever you go, but you will be able to communicate detailed information to others by pulling out an iPad. You can even throw yearly reports up on the big screen in the board room so everyone can see how using maintenance scheduling software saved you all that money.

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Why Use Our Theme Park Maintenance Software?


Theme park maintenance presents some unique challenges. Theme parks, state parks, amusement parks, water parks, zoos, animal parks and playgrounds all have one thing in common: the great outdoors. It’s a very difficult environment with special challenges. You have equipment that needs constant maintenance and you have customers who depend on good maintenance for an outstanding customer experience. Customer safety is paramount.

Have you ever walked by a ride that is out of operation for repair or been stuck on a ride that quits half-way through the middle of the ride? Of course you have. We all have.

What you need is a maintenance system that works as hard as you do. Whether you are a park director, director of maintenance, or simply manage the assets in an entertainment park facility, you should get to know us.

Rich Software With Simple Workflow

We believe that better software and interfaces will make your maintenance work easier. Much of the current CMMS park maintenance software is overly complex. Too many features make traditional CMMS systems hard to use and time consuming to implement. At Maintenance Assistant we build web-based-software with elegant, simple interfaces that is easy to use.

No Contracts

When you use our maintenance software, you’re not locked in to any long-term contract. Go month-to-month and cancel anytime. Try it for your amusement or entertainment park, we’re sure that you’ll like it.

We Love The Cloud

We offer fast setup and high security. Our software is accessible anywhere and there is no need to wait for your IT group.

Our software is portable: smart phone, iPad, playbook, it does not matter. Our CMMS has full support for smart devices, you can use it on the go, anywhere you have an internet connect. It most likely is being used in an amusement park right now by a maintenance tech.

We Know Maintenance

We came from the maintenance department. We have a unique perspective on building software for parks and amusement environments.

Fair & Competitive Pricing

Our industry leading cloud-based platform allows our web based software to be simple, flexible and very price competitive. One of our customers says that “our service is so cheap, that it is like having a FREE CMMS Maintenance Software.”

Our pricing means that means you can simply purchase it on your facility credit card.

At Maintenance Assistant we make software that helps amusement parks, zoos and aquariums maintain assets for safety, reliability and profitability.

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